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Black House


Abbalah Gorg!

Abbalah Doon!


The Crimson King arrives!


Having read Dreamcatcher and initiated into the horror world, I was only too greedy to read my next book. Black House was an absolute terror.

I understand that there is a sequel to Black House-The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub. This book was in the top shelf of the library, kept peering at me(eerie, isn’t it?). The rest was bliss.

Atop a simple plot of disappearing children and their murder by a brutal killer called Fisherman, the authors paint a gruesome story of the primary characters. It is after the first 100 pages(there are 700 + more!) that you feel the chill up your bones creep up fully. The strange dreams shared by some of the sleepy town’s inhabitants who share a common past and the mysterious words at the beginning are only a start to a brilliant end. For it is an entirely different world-parallel that goes beyond what is presented to us on the surface.

The mental asylum, the curious behavior of the patients, the secrets they hold and the appearance of the Crimson King at the end, the power that manifests at the end on Tyler are only samples of the grip that the authors hold on the story.


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