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Seek and ye shall find..

For once, Robert Langdon is completely outwitted.

As the synopsis goes, Langdon awakes in a Florence hospital with a head wound, having no recollection of how he got there or why? All he knows is that some one is anxious to bust him off.

With Dante’s Inferno and Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, Brown creates a compulsive page turner that refuses to be put down until we fathom the mysteries surrounding Langdon and his quest.

Add to this Langdon’s beautiful and eccentric escort Dr.Sienna Brooks, whose personality, as when revealed in bits and pieces leaves us in amazement as with Langdon. Dr.Brooks is nothing like Langdon’s earlier partners-in-quest Sophie, Vittoria Vetra, Catherine Solomon.

Sprinkled with generous facts and frescoes, with every chapter providing a climax, we do not complain about the 100+ chapters that extend. Not to miss out the other players in the race who are bent on their own purpose.

You tend to expect a predictable Robert Langdon adventure, but get more than what you bargained for. Also try to read Dante’s Inferno after this to completely submerge in the mystery. Happy reading!




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The Lost Symbol

Everything is revealed at the thirty third degree

Imagine what an ordinary looking statement like this can do? Create chaos and then order? Start a race against time among various people to gain control of an ancient treasure that endows them with knowledge and power? Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol promises all of these.

I have read this book thrice and every time this book interests me more and more.  What could have become an ordinary thriller becomes an informative one with Brown offering new insights in every page, sustaining the reader’s interest. Even though you might have read the two previous books (The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons) in this series, this one keeps you on your toes. You root for not Robert Langdon, the Harvard Symbologist, bur for the manipulative Ma’lakh who sets in motion a series of incidents culminating in a thrilling finish.

Like The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons and his other works, Brown offeres a wealth of  interesting trivia in his masterpiece, making us wanting to read more and see things in a new light.  As we progress through the pages, the anxiety that grips Langdon grips us also, wanting to know what is that the unknown Ma’lakh wants from Langdon.

As each page progresses, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Right from Langdon’s arrival at the Capitol Building without an inkling to the part he would play in the drama to the discovery of a severeed hand with the curious symbols tattooed in it to the very last poetic justice that is delivered-simply fantastic.

Added to that the pyramid that plays an important part in the whole episode, revealing new information and astonishing both the reader and Langdon.  The curious symbols, the method used by the unknown man to gain information from all that he seeks, to his manipulative ways-making the CIA Director run errands, for one to discovering labyrinth after labyrinth in the Capitol Building, it is a rush to the last pages.

As we finish the book, we only wonder…Are such things possible? Do such things exist? What if?

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