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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man


I thank my friend Prithi Rajagopal for suggesting this wonderful title.

It has been sometime since I saved a draft in expectation of finishing this book. Due to various reasons, I did not/could not finish it. Now that I have done so, it’s time for a review.

On the outset, John Perkins has filled in a lot of puzzle pieces which were hitherto missing though his book. Though intimidating, the book delivers on its promise by taking its reader through some of the most interesting and defining times in world history and the role of Uncle Sam in shaping it.

If one is watching carefully, one could notice a similar pattern of corporatocracy culture every where else. Perkin’s book,  though written some time back, is suitable for the current climate.

In chilling detail akin to a spy novel, Perkins enlightens us on his early days, his background(which was an influencing factor for his recruitment as a carrot), his initiation into the world of an economic hitman, his early phase in MAIN, his gradual growth and the dazzling world that is opened to him. We also get glimpses of the other world which exists at the very corner and his dilemmas in being torn in between the two conflicting worlds and his later role in reversing his actions.

The account is so touching that you actually feel as if you are traveling back in time with him in reliving his old days.  We actually are provided his resume which is so misleading in it wonderfully polished tone.  On the bright side, Perkins develops a great career, lives his dreams, is well respected in all circles, travels a lot, meets a lot of interesting people. On the flip side, his personal life is a total void-the price that he pays for selling his soul, in his own words.

As we finish the book, we are left with a lot of unanswered Qs. Only our actions and time will answer them. Hats off to Perkins for coming out with a bold book.



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