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Seek and ye shall find..

For once, Robert Langdon is completely outwitted.

As the synopsis goes, Langdon awakes in a Florence hospital with a head wound, having no recollection of how he got there or why? All he knows is that some one is anxious to bust him off.

With Dante’s Inferno and Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, Brown creates a compulsive page turner that refuses to be put down until we fathom the mysteries surrounding Langdon and his quest.

Add to this Langdon’s beautiful and eccentric escort Dr.Sienna Brooks, whose personality, as when revealed in bits and pieces leaves us in amazement as with Langdon. Dr.Brooks is nothing like Langdon’s earlier partners-in-quest Sophie, Vittoria Vetra, Catherine Solomon.

Sprinkled with generous facts and frescoes, with every chapter providing a climax, we do not complain about the 100+ chapters that extend. Not to miss out the other players in the race who are bent on their own purpose.

You tend to expect a predictable Robert Langdon adventure, but get more than what you bargained for. Also try to read Dante’s Inferno after this to completely submerge in the mystery. Happy reading!




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