The highest amount of magnetic field conjured by man was 60 tesla, 2 million times that of the earth’s magnetic field.

In the 1960’s, a company researched with high level magnetic fields. The company subjected its volunteers to highly volatile magnetic fields over a period of 10 years. Nothing unusual was found in the subjects, except that they had lost a quarter of an inch in height. The finding was dismissed as trifling. But the result threw up a possibility of followup..


Michael Crichton’s last novel Micro finished by Richard Preston deals with the micro world in a chilling way. If you had read Timeline by Crichton, you will appreciate this. You may also recall the movie Honey I shrunk the kids, which dealt with the micro world in an urban sense.

Add these together and you get a hell of a novel-one that terrifies and intrigues you without giving space for logical thinking. Seven graduate students doing research in various scientific fields are recruited by a company called Nanigen, specializing in micro robot manufacture and research. As they embark on a promising career and adventure, they receive their first warning to stay away, but ignore it.

Then all hell breaks loose…Thrust into the Hawaiian jungles, shrunken to a quarter of a millimeter in size, they find themselves the fodder for every imaginable being-centipedes, millipedes, wasps, ants. To top it up, the company that sent them inside does not want them to return and sends out termination teams.

The only thing the students have as a weapon is their accumulated knowledge in their respective fields to harness and survive….for it is the norm of the day.

The pages run fast. Just as you think all is over, a fresh difficulty/opportunity for the micro humans pops up. Imagine an ant the size of a skyscraper, a wasp the size of an eagle. And to beat them all, imagine robots the size of a dot, getting into your blood and bleeding you to death-surgibots. Nanotechnology sure has its kicks.

Get ready for a hell of a read.


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