The Tao of Physics

This book was staring at me for a long time. I should admit that I was a little spooked by this book. The title was an eye puller. Finally, one fine day I decided to break the ice and bought both-The Tao of Physics and its sequel-Turning Point.

Though I am aware of the similarities between Eastern mysticism and physics, particularly science as a whole  from my mother, it is refreshing to read it in detail from such a wonderful book. The author-Fritjof Capra, draws parallel from Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese Thought(now I understand Lao’s puzzles a bit!), Taoism, Zen to explain his point. More than the intended point of the author, it is an eye opener as he analyses briefly all the said religions. One learns about the other rel with which he is not acquainted.

And he explains the scientific facts in a lucid, fantabulous way, easily understandable to anyone with a general knowledge of science  Who would have thought that the Nataraja form of Shiva had so much information? We are aware of a few, but not in such detail.

Not only explaining the finest similarities, the author has also experienced the oneness of all which is important as to enable him to reach right into the reader’s mind and quell the doubts remaining per se.

I really enjoyed his book and felt  a bit ashamed that I read it so late.


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