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The Dark Knight Rises

Yes. He has risen. And with aplomb and grandeur.

I went with an open mind, not expecting anything. The words that crossed my mind at the end were-a fitting finale. Nolan closes the chapter for once and all(but an opening is left, subtle enough).  This is one inspiring film-not only the theme, but the way the dark knight pulls himself out of every failure to do his duty.  You must see the climb to understand the inspirational part.  Let’s see some excerpts-

The poster was clear enough of the confrontation and the next one was indicative of a dark intermission-

But the warning is given before hand by the one whom we have seen in a different form in Batman Returns.

But what is the beauty is that the man inspires dozen others to take the battle and fight for their freedom.  The day of reckoning comes, but Gothamites survive, a rookie is inspired for a greater role, bat signs pop up in fire, and…..the music is the crown jewel.

This will be cherished for a long time to come.


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