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The A Team

This is one movie that stays in your mind long after you have seen it. Such is the narration, screenplay and acting. Not to miss out the humor and pun in the dialogues, with tons of action thrown in.

The A Team ( starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper tells the story of the Alpha Team or A Team of Hannibal Smith, Baracus, Face, Murdoch, of the US military. They undertake a covert operation for their superior officer Morrison, being the recovery of intaglio plates for currency printing. Things go wrong, Morrison is killed before the team’s eyes and the four are subjected to court martial and sent to jail. They make their escape(that too how!) and the rest is… exciting part.

Right from the first scene when Hannibal Smith(Liam Neeson) escapes with the help of his firing pin to the way Murdoch manipulates the helicopter, to the way they fly the tank(that is a scene not to be missed, folks) to the very last when they hatch the final plan to trap the traitor-brilliant. A sample scene below:

Watch the expression on Baracus’ face as Murdoch ‘pancakes’ his jeep..:)

The way each of the team escapes the prison-especially the Murdoch episode is a rip roaring one. Holler who? Holler who? Holler me…

This a fine example of brainy stuff and being cool under pressure.  Do watch it next time on Star Movies.


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