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Hercule Poirot-50 Short Stories

I was delighted to discover this book resting comfortably on a high shelf in the bookseller’s rack, waiting to be plucked by me(over imagination, my boy!).  And my hunches regarding a book are 100% right and was I right! Each and every story is a workout to the mind, a delight to the reader, a treasure to the diehard fan and a gem to the collector.

There are 50 stories, including a rare one and the 12 labors of Poirot(it does not bore you to read them again).

Not all are successful ones. Some are failures, some are baffling, some are so simple that you kick yourselves for missing the point so soon, some will make you race to the finishing page to see the result in a hurry, some will make you read them again and again and again..Better than a novel, they are a treat in themself, a perfect companion on a long journey, or a day of respite at home.


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One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

I had come across this title as I wandered around the libraries and shelves(online) looking for a good book. And ultimately decided to buckle my shoe and read it. It is different, I must admit. An intriguing one also, I must add.

Poirot goes to a dentist(of whom he has a morbid fear. Don’t we all?) Yet when he goes again a few hours later, the dentist is dead-in a suspicious way. And the game starts..

As each of the patients who came on that day are suspected and eliminated, the net gets complicated. The list includes people from all walks of life-from the commoner to the highest-a banker, who is the purported victim and on whose stead the dentist is dead.

Poirot rackles his brain a good deal(so do we) in looking for the one thing that would arouse his grey cells and nearly fails, but regains his composure later, leading to a brilliant conclusion. Each of the patient has a history behind him and each is suspicious of the other, trying to avoid the police scrutiny. One leads to the other and numerous pages of mazes follow…

And at last Poirot buckles up the culprit….Yes, it would be a spoiler to mention the very simple word that would point those who are yet to read it. So folks, buckle up!

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