The Richest Man in Babylon

Some books are to be read;

some are to be read twice;

some read thrice;

some to bhe read a fourth time and put away;

yet are some which are to be read again and again and again and again..

The Richest Man in Babylon by George.S.Clason belongs to the last category. Yes, we are famiiar about the beauty of Babylon-the hanging gardens.  The Babylon parables told here by Clason are akin to a breath of fresh mountain air. The classic stories told by him give us an invaluable education about financial thrift, planning, especially how to accumulate our very own treasure from whatever we earn. The five ‘golden’ rules, the secret of accumulating a treasure elucidated within these pages are applicable even after so many years.

For those of you who love a good story, this is a good book. Those who look beyond the story for some excellent management and financial lessons, there are treasures to be found. As Arkad asks in the book-thou desireth wisdom or gold?

Rather than me elaborating, it is better you take a copy(it is small, 144 pgs only) and enjoy and let Arkad & co open your eyes to wealth and success..


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