The Third Girl

Every one of Poirot’s adventures gives a working to our own grey cells. How does the little Belgian conjure the solution to this seemingly impossible situation? How does he produce those miracles from his armchair? He is indeed a magician, an illusionist, who can truely pull out a rabbit out of an empty hat, in an intellectual sense.

The Third Girl by Agatha Christie is one such novel where we find the intricate workings of Poirot’s grey cells produce a result never thought of. A completely different reasoning, yet logical in every chink and backed by solid proofs-that is what it is.

Hercule Poirot is interrupted in his excellent breakfast of brioche and chocolat (his favorite) by a girl who drops a hint very causlly that she may have committed a murder-and disappears to his astonishment. The bewildered Poirot is left to pick up the loose threads and connect them into a single strand.

And how interesting! From then on, Poirot uses all his talent to trace that girl and uncovers clue after clue(the first is provided by his friend that the girl is one of three girls sharing a flat. Hence the third girl). But all is not as it seems as he wishes to find, especially when his instinct tells him to expect a murder and nothing happens..

The plot is thickened further by a host of interesting characters from the missing girl’s household to her boyfriend to the byways of London and leading to South Africa, ranging with lunacy, hate, jealousy and lack oif love, fueling a myriad of possibilities-especially when a pistol isd found with missing bullets in her wardrobe..

An entire chapter goes to Poirot working his grey cells, arranging each fact and coming to a daring conclusion-defying everyone’s belief. And as the affair gets murkier, it only remains to be seen what will happen to the third girl..

A fine read and a must for every Poirot collector. Enfin!


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