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Shutter Island

This one will give you a real scare.

If you say that you have been/are watching horror/psychological flicks and are yet to be bowled by them, then try Shutter Island(2010) *ing Leonardo Di Caprio, Ben Kingsley, directed by Martin Scorsese.

The film is set in the year of 1954 in a mental institution(actually situated in an island known by the title name) where Federal Marshal Teddy Daniels(Di Caprio) goes with his new partner Chuck to investigate the strange disappearance of a female inmate. This is no ordinary institution for the mentally insane, but a notch higher-for the criminally insane who have been abandoned by all. Dr. Cawley(Kingsley) runs the institutiion and all is hush hush about the place.

From alighting in the island start the mind games, seemingly between Teddy and Dr.Cawley in uncovering the truth. The doctor is hospitable but cagey which makes Teddy even more suspicious. And the other patients he interrogates are terribly afraid of the place and warn him to RUN.

The place gives the creeps to the legendary Marshal and he decides to cut short the investigation with no help forthcoming from the administration. Teddy has his own personal agenda for taking up the case-to find out what happened to the cleaner whose actions led to his wife’s death in a fire.

But getting away from the island is not so easy with a terrible storm setting in and the marshals grounded for the time.And Teddy’s partner disappears.  The strange stories begin to circulate then-of experiments on the patients, lobotomies on unsuspecting inmates in the name of science, psychotropic drugs in cigarettes, coffees producing hallucinations..and all. And Teddy has reasons to believe that he is drawn into a much clever game by the doctor.

The performances of the lead actors are stupendous. The screenplay is mind blowing and you just can’t get enough of the story and wanna see it again to get it right. And there is that REAL twist at the end which is purely a twist, making you sit up and watch more keenly.

Wanna know more? Watch the film. A real scare it will be, a pure intellectual delight.


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