There is not one universe, but many universes. In fact there are multiverses-a dialogue from the film The One

In 1957, a physicist named Hugh Everett proposed a daring new theory. He claimed that our universe-the universe we see, the universe of rocks, and trees and people and galaxies out in space-was just one of an infinite number of universes, existing side by side.

Quantum foam;

makes me roam   -an extract from the novel.

So if there is a universe where Obama is US President, there is a unievrse where Hillary is President of US. and so on..

Imagine if you were able to travel to one of these multiverses that exist. What would happen? Will the past be the same or will there be changes? Will we be able to behave the same way we do here? Will we be the same we? Michael Crichton tries out this interesting Q in Timeline.

The Time Machine was different. Timeline is an even different one in a different plane. But the idea is fascinating…and terrifying.

As we start from page 1 and find the solitary traveller who wanders with no memory of where he came from or what his name was(quandum phone makes me roam) , the story takes a racy format.

As the revolutionary company ITC that developed the technology to travel to the other universes and its hyperactive CEO Doniger appear, you know you cannot put the book down. With the appearance of the archaeological group lead by Professor Johnston(a.k.a Edward Magister, a chilling role in the later parts), Marek, Chris plough into their reearch and find a bizarre thing which contrasts their research, the pages start to roll by in a warp.

As the story takes you into the 100 years war into the realms of Castlegrad itself, we are excited just like Chris to find out what it is and how it will be.

And we are not disappointed a wee bit.

If you wanna know, read…and wonder.


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  1. Nice write up Harish !!! I have just started reading this book… it is very interesting !!!!

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