The Illusionist(2006)

Magical. Entertaining. Witty.

That’s how I would say about The Illusionist starring Edward Norton, Jessica Biehl, directed by Neil Burger.This is based on the short story titled Eishenhiem the illusionist by Steven Millhauser  I have previously reviewed The Prestige and find that this film is in a class of its own with The Prestige.

Films on magic and magicians have always drawn my fancy and add to that a dash of wit and intelligensia, you have the perfect mix.

The Illusionist is about a magician named Eishenheim and his love for a Duchess. The fiance of the Duchess, a crown prince, tries to prevent them from joining, intent on his own plans to secure the crown. But a series of incidents change everything and ultimately causes the downfall of the prince.

The witty and clever way the director has packed the story is worth watching it. It kind of stimulates your interest and makes you chuckle at times. The last reel is a must watch as you come to know how the magician manages to pull of his extraordinary illusions, fooling the Crown Prince and winning his girl in the process.

The tricks are a delight to watch-the orange tree, the painting trick, the sword act, the death experience all are entertaining and speak of great team work.

Yes, Edward Norton does pull a Houdini off this one!

The Orange Tree Trick

The Sword Scene


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