Sherlock Holmes-The Complete Novels & Short Stories-Vol II

Dust your mufflers, galoshes and get ready to visit Baker Street. Here I am again with the second volume. The review of the first volume brought back a couple of mails and a comment from a fellow blogger(thanks Lavanya-, encouraging and interesting in content. Thank you all, I too am a die hard Holmes fan.

The second volume consists of two novels and twenty short stories in two categories under His Last Bow and The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes. The novels are a treat to the most ardent fan of fiction-The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Valley of Fear.

I was introduced to Holmes as I told earlier by my uncle years back. I collected the present volumes and they accompanied me on my first visit abroad to the US. It was while traveling the 20 hours in the plane that I read the second volume. And could not but help admitting that the second volume was even more fantastic from the first.

Such was my passion that in my eighth grade in school, we had The Hound of the Baskervilles as our non-detailed portion. My enthusiasm made my English teacher grant me the opportunity of handling the entire non-detail part. What a splendid time it was, enthralling my first ever class with the story, it was a runaway hit.

The Valley of Fear must be the most copied plot in Hollywood and Kollywood/Tollywood.  The sub-plot involving the brave deeds of Pinkerton’s ‘Birdy’ Edwards as he infiltrates the deadly gang of criminals as McMurdo and the subsequent reactions in a later part of his old life is one which is hard to put down. Even Holmes is put to underplay in Edward’s adventures.

The rest of the stories are a class in themselves. The curious parcels in The Adventure of the Cardboard Box, The disappearance of the Bruce Parrington Plans with the added delight of Mycroft Holmes’ presence, The horrific effect that The Devil’s Foot produces in it’s victims, the case of the dying detective where Holmes convinces Watson to embark on an adventure alone, pulling the strings in the background, etc.

Indeed, no words needed. Just enjoy these precious volumes and relax as Holmes takes care of the rest!


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