Sherlock Holmes:The complete novels & short stories-Vol I


Name: Mr.Sherlock Holmes

Height: 6ft+

Known Relatives: Mr.Mycroft Holmes(brother)

Knowledge of Literature: Nil

Knowledge of Philosophy: Nil

Knowledge of Astronomy: Nil

Knowledge of Politics: Feeble

Knowledge of Botany: Variable

Knowledge of Practical Gardening: Nil

Knowledge of Geology: Practical, but limited

Knowledge of Chemistry: Profound

Knowledge of Anatomy: Accurate but unsystematic

Knowledge of Sensational Literature: Immense

Other Facts:

Well up in: Belladonna, opium and poisons

Is a walking dictionary of crime. Practical knowledge of British Law, criminology

Plays the violin well

An expert singlestick player, marksman, boxer

I was introduced to Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr.John.H.Watson in 1993 by my uncle who gifted me a collection of six Reader’s Digest classics book from U.S. One of them was The Selected Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. I immediately fell in love with Holmes.

My further exploits led me to the present volume and the subsequent volume II which I will review later. The present volume contains two novels and thirty-six short stories under the headings of The Adventures, The Memoirs and The Return of Sherlock Holmes.

For readers who are familiar with Holmes and Watson, this will be a ruse to dust off their old copies and have another read. For those who are yet to be acquainted with Mr. Sherlock Holmes, he is the most famous fictitious detective created (second only to Agatha’s Hercule Poirot) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Holmes has remarkable powers of observation and deduction and he puts them into use at various instances to solve crimes and astonish his friend and admirer Watson. The very first meeting in the medical lab between  Holmes and Watson is an example of Holmes’ remarkable powers as he coolly remarks on Watson’s background even before being introduced to him.

The two novels in this volume are A Study in Scarlet where Holmes and Watson embark on their adventures for the first time together and the sinister Sign of Four trailing a lost treasure.

The rest of the stories are Holmes’ various exploits. Holmes’ clientele ranges from various classes of people from the lowest(a railway porter) to the highest (the king of Bohemia in  A Scandal in Bohemia). Holmes incidentally ‘dies’ in The Final Problem in a deadly match with his arch rival Professor Moriaty but comes alive in The Adventure of the Empty House to delight us.

You will also get to meet Sherlock Holmes’ eccentric and even highly talented brother Mycroft Holmes in The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter. Marvel at Mycroft’s queer abilities and diplomacy, and what not.

This is a treasure for book lovers, fiction lovers, literature readers.


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  1. Hi. Dropped by to visit.

    I’m a Holmes fan and a scifi junkie, and quite enjoyed these stories.
    Take a look, it’s a free download.

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