Devil wears Prada

I had a laughing fit on reading the first chapter. So hilarious, filled with timing and imagination(part real, of course, by the way the narration goes), Devil wears Prada by Laureen Westberger(HarperCollins publications) is a thoroughly enjoyable, laughter prvoking book for one and all-especially if you have a boss like Miranda Priestly or had worked under one like Miranda.

My instinct for picking up queer subjects which are thoroughly entertaining and informative seem to have paid off. I simply loved this one from start to finish. From the first page starts the whip cracking on poor Andrea till at the very end and the way she escapes only to fall into another makes you laugh out loud, sneer, shout with frustration, plot against Miranda with Andrea and what not. Bits and pieces like the way Miranda spells Andrea’s name in various types only aggravates the pain in your stomach as you finish laughing at one and get to see the other.

I am yet to see the movie of the same name starring Anne Hathaway and Merryl Streep-they say it is good, but for the present, the book is more entertaining, I should comment. Take it up on a rainy day when you have nothing worthwhile to do and have a quiet reading. Or take it on an extended trip and come back with a smile on your face with fresh ideas.

The world of fashion revealed in the novel is both enticing and tantalizing. Andrea gets to wear high heels at work and adhere to dress codes-set by the boss herself and looks upon her as God. Only we see the God status wither away as the story progresses and a ring master with a whip is left behind.

Well, happy reading folks!


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