Witty dialogues, sharp screenplay, a gripping sense all make up Sleuth(2007) starring Michael Caine and Jude Law.

The specialty about this film is that there are only two characters throughout the entire film. Michael Caine plays Andrew Wyke, an aging crime novelist and Law plays Milo Tindle, a struggling actor who loves Andrew’s wife.

Andrew Wyke invites Tindle to his sprawling mansion to talk about the divorce that his wife Maggie wants in order to live with Tindle. But Andrew has a lot of other things in mind as he lures the unsuspecting Tindle into a game of cat and mouse, nearly outwitting him in the first set. Tindle plays back Andrew’s own tune to him and they go to a final set where only one will come out in the mind game.

The dialogues are a great plus to a story like this and both the actors have done excellent justice to their respective roles. At each stage Andrew uses an opportunity to lunge a point at Tindle who deftly fires a return shot. It is an interesting stimuli  to watch them in action.

A dialogue from the movie:

[on Milo being an actor]
Andrew Wyke: Why have I never heard of you?
Milo Tindle: You will before long.
Andrew Wyke: Really?
Milo Tindle: In spades.
Andrew Wyke: That sounds threatening.
Milo Tindle: Does it?
Andrew Wyke: Doesn’t it?

See the sharpness?

The dangerous nature of the human mind and the extend it can create and visualize events to its advantage is put to a nice use here with both the actors using this to the hilt.

A must watch thriller. Enjoy the pun and game. You will love it if you are a regular movie watcher and are adept in English language.



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  1. Pradeep

    Good review Dude !!! Will watch this movie !!!

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