Murder on the Orient Express

One of my favorite Poirot mysteries.

Ever since I got introduced to M.Hercule Poirot I have been reading all available stories on him. Of all that I have read, I love this one-Murder on the Orient Express more for its ingenious plot and the way Poirot propounds not one but two solutions at the end.

Murder on the Orient Express, as you might have guessed by now is a mystery novel which has its story on the Orient Express in which Poirot is a passenger. Midway he is approached by one of the passengers named Ratchett seeking his expertise and protection against an unknown enemy. For his own reasons, Poirot declines the offer.

But during the journey, Mr.Ratchett is found murdered with multiple stab wounds. Poirot’s investigations throw out a number of clues, suggestive of more than one hand in the murder and the train comes to a halt mid way due to a snow drift….

And the clock ticks as Poirot interviews each of the passengers and tries to analyze as to who had the best motive. But even Poirot has to bite the dust some times…

This is a fast paced story and guarantees that you will not be able to put down the book until you arrive at the very last page. Added to the excitement is when Poirot prposes not one, but two solutions. In a murder as complicated as this and the evidence incriminating any one on the train, Poirot’s ingenuity in going for more than one solution is a brainy job.

On the course of investigation, Poirot is thoroughly interested and tested as the multi cultural passengers open up to his investigative mind. There is a scene where Poirot is challenged in his own turf-an evidence is planted in his own luggage indicative of a challenge (to which he rises admirably), the story acquires a new twist, assuring an interesting ending.

Agatha Christie is truly the Queen of Crime!


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