“Congratulations. You have cleared all the levels. We are proud to have you in our company. Here’s your offer letter. You join on…”

“Thank you sir.”


“New joinees, you will be taken through an induction programme. You will be educated about our company and it’s core values and what it takes to be successful in here. You have arrived at the right place.”

Day 1:

“Team, let’s welcome our new member. He hails from so and so…blah blah blah…” clap clap clap.

Day 40:

“You are doing well. That’s awesome. If if continue in the same trend, you can get incentives.”

Day 100:

“You are in the night shift.” Groan. “Don’t worry. You will enjoy it. You have a night shift allowance and  a free ride back home.”

After reaching home and having scarecly slept for what seems like few minutes-“Oh my God! Time up for night shift. Even if I am one minute late, they will roast me!” A mad rush to catch the evening/night cab.

First Appraisal/Confirmation:

“Congratulations. You are confirmed. Great job. Continue this good show.” Appraisal Letter contains two lines-one confirmation and the other a minuscule raise.

Another Day(Not a very bright day):

“You took leave for two days. These are crucial times. Next time see that you don’t take any leave.”

Said leave was taken for the first time since joining. No appreciation.

Yet Another Day/ Appraisal:

“You are doing well. But wait till the next appraisal. You deserve to be promoted.”

Same dialogue is repeated for two appraisals. Employee in question equates himself to a bonded labourer/machine and what not mentally, cursing his ill luck.

Last Day:

After realizing belatedly that this is not going to work and having gone through some harrowing experiences, employee throws in the towel. Manager has an Exit Interview with him.

“We are sorry to see you leave our team. You have been great and we value your contributions. Good luck in your future endeavors.”

Ex-Employee heaves a sigh of relief and dreams about his next company where he has joined and hopes that none of the past gets repeated.

But….on joining the new company….same process repeats!


Do not join an outsourcing company at any cost.


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