Chitti Chitti bang bang!

All are going gaga over Rajini’s latest flick and are going for repeats. But, are we getting the message that Shankar & Co have pasted out?

The film has the least understood and developing subject of Robotics as a theme.  This is a recurring theme in Issac Asimov’s novels and stories. Read Asimov’s The Complete Robot. Quite interesting one.

Robotics, as Chitti says at the end of the film, has a good scope and this film is an indirect promoter of the subject.

The idea of developing robots, especially Andro-Humanoid Robots and using them for daily uses is not far away.

If you have read the works of late Tamil writer Sujatha, you will see how this film has made the work easier for scientists and interested students of Robotics. Read his En Iniya Iyandhira, Meendum Jeeno(a sequel to En Iniya Iyandhira).

This is a must see film for all-intellectuals and fans alike and is a milestone in the annals of Tamil film industry.


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