CWG-A Retrospect

Whatever might have been the organizers’ intentions in conducting the Common Wealth Games, the ultimate effect is a big disappointment. However we may claim that we are bagging medals like anything, smashing records, setting new trends, it is a black mark on our pride and honor thanks to Kalmadi & Co.

I am not averse to India playing host to any games-let it be the Olympics, but we must be ready to conduct events of such scale. Take the Olympics in Beijing.  Everything was planned to the T and preparations began a year ago. Though we bid for thew CWG games in 2003 itself, the finishing touches were not ready even four days before the opening ceremony. The facts are known to all of us. Added to that the two accidents at a span of 24 hours.

We did save face by conducting the opening ceremony very well-would it been otherwise, then?  But there is not the competition as would be expected in an event of such nature. With half of the top atheletes pulling out, it was an easy cake walk for our boys and girls. Not to say that they lack in preparation or talent, but a better competition would have brought out better performances. And there have been reports of racial abuse and actions which are unsportsmanlike in nature.May be that’s why, in a manner of ridiculing us the NZ TV host made fun of Sheila Dikshit’s name. No offense, ma’m, but the situation prompts such a comment.

Mani Shankar Iyer was right in commenting that CWG is a black mark on our name. The events and conduct of the sports authorities and conduct of senior and deserving athletes make us doubt whether our motto is money and spot light only rather than exhibition of true sportsmanship.

Next time, let us do this(conducting of games) in a professional manner.



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