There are some films which make you see them without wanting to read about or bother about the reviews. Inception is one of them. I would add further that it possesses a concept very simple in nature-dreams but the way the execution is done beats the hell out.

I began seeing Chris Nolan’s films after my brother began raving about them. The first one I saw was The Prestige. The next was Memento. The Prestige became a favorite with me for it’s tight narration and crisp packing. The actors were stupendous, the editing was A class, what more it was the cinema I liked and got my appetite whetted.

If I should give a simple review to Inception, I should just put three words-clap clap clap. That’s the case here. The plot, the editing, the story itself-stealing ideas from dreams and vice versa beats your guts out. I am a fan of futuristic films like Face/Off, Universal Soldier, Robocop, E.T, but this one carried me away like nothing else. The way the film travels in a loop form makes you crack your brains on whether you are in a dream or in a limpo or the reality. What less, it makes you test your imagination and your powers and control over your mind and dreams. I was grinning from ear to ear, wondering at the way Nolan had taken a simple idea and made us dream(see the effect?) about it and even fear about it long after we come out of the theater.

Never mind how many awards this film will gather in it’s kitty, this is one film in a league of it’s own. Hats off to Nolan and team for giving a fantastic futuristic thriller and a concept that makes us wonder for a long time to come.


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