The Silver Tongue

The seed to this post was planted in a conversation I had with one of my friends who urged me to write motivational posts. This is dedicated to that wonderful friend.

Every one loves to have a silver tongue. Even better, we are thrilled to have a Golden Tongue. Adolf Hitler, Socrates, Plato, Mark Antony- all had the golden tongue in common. Got the point? Yes, I am referring to the art of, or rather the gift of speaking anywhere, anytime and making the audience sway to your words. All it requires is your 100% confidence and will to deliver from the bottom of your heart.

The silver tongue is the next level to the golden tongue. It means a person who is not afraid of the stage, can speak to any number of gathering on any topic. He is a great orator, can mesmerise anyone by his gift of speech.

So how do we develop the silver tongue? It is inherited by:



natural talent.

By natural talent, if you possess a silver tongue, you will be the envy of your friends and peers. One can also gain it by constant practice. Only one needs to read a lot and commit to memory.

Let me elaborate on this. I am a silver tongued guy. But I wanted to hone it up further. I selected a book of my choice. I saw to it that the book had 30 chapters for the 30 days of the month. Each day, I read one chapter and reproduced it in my own way without changing the contents of the chapter. Say this chapter tells you about memory, I reproduced the same in my speech, with my own bits on memory which I had collected, relevant to the topic. The important thing is total recall of the things that you have in your mental storage relevant to the topic.

By the 30th day, I was even more confidant, having observed my body language and facial features in front of a glass for the 30 day trial. This further removed all doubts from my mind and the result was pure magic.

Sample this – I attended a Teacher’s Day function in my school. After all the guest speakers had finished, the announcer invited any one from the audience to share his views. I bolted up the steps, without a preparation but with a skeleton plan in my mind. For it was a golden opportunity. I started casually, introducing myself and making my point with pieces of anectodes. To add strength, I quoted a poetry line I read long ago in a book that got imprinted in my memory to stress my point. At the end of two minutes, I received a thunderous applause more louder than any of the speakers received. One of my well wishers had this to say-you stole the thunder! I can quote many such instances in this regard.

Another instance was in a beauty contest in my college(he he). I easily got through the written test and went on stage without preparing anything. My fellow contestants were rehearsing their speeches from their papers whereas I was walking around without a fear in my mind. And lo! I got second place and won the admiration of all present there. I was the toast for a long time after that with complete strangers coming up to me and lauding my speech. Imagine making an impromptu speech in front of a gathering of thousand guys. More than delivering the speech, the feeling when you actually speak is terrific and makes you happy.

Such is the extend one can go if one develops his silver tongue. This has been a great boon to me in many instances.


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