IPL Bubble

I don’t think I have anything new to add to the ongoing debate on the recent IPL sham except share with you my thoughts on the subject.  No field is exempt from money laundering and lobbying, notwithstanding making a few bucks. So, what has the face of Indian sports become? A punching bag? A laughing stock? A company for making bucks?

We are a nation who love sports very much.  Too much would be apt, that too for cricket.  And in the process, we have neglected the other sports which are also existing albeit with difficulty.

One can see the attention the single sport gets in contrast to all the others.  I am not critical of those of you who love cricket, but I ask why, have we neglected the others? Baichang Bhutia(how many of us actually know who he is?), Vijendar and Akhil Kumar are less known faces in comparison to Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly.  Why? What has become of our mentality? Have we grown to love glamor in sports? Does it need a beautiful girl to take your attention to the sports? I bet people would have loved Sania Mirza more for her looks than her style of playing.Let alone the controversies she got into.

And we have the goddamn politics in every area.  Politics for selection, politics for sending a team to a foreign location to play/train, politics for conducting a match, etc.  What are politicians doing in a selection committee? Are they there because they are knowledgable about the sport? No, it seems.

The partiality we are showing in favoring cricket has taken it’s toll heavily. People no longer take to playing basketball or football(in the latter, a ground is needed, but not for ingenious minds), chess, golf(we need a lot of greenery here, which we have practically depleted), billiards, snooker, kabbadi.  It’s cricket all the way right from school.  You play cricket, you are in.  You are a basketball player? We will see if we have a team. Chess? That’s for nerds and intelligents.  So goes the mentality.

What is the result? The partial treatment has borne it’s fruit in a different way-scams resulting in nasty dealings, betting, demoralizing an opponent to win the game, steroids, and lots. In short, it is now in the form of IPL, the latest. The below picture is a better representation of IPL in it’s current state. Shame on us.

When three years ago the league was formed and lots of excitement was going on, I doubted for how long this bubble would last.  Seems it has broken now. What with the cheerleaders and instant gratification that the players give their fans by their sixes and fours, it is no more a game.  It is entertainment. We have forgotten that the very purpose of playing a game-for the game’s sake alone and not for making a fool of ourselves, which we are now.



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2 responses to “IPL Bubble

  1. Desperate attempt by the BCCI to match EPL!! EPL rules!!! Period..

  2. Yes exactly, Till 3 years back… cricket was regarded as only a sport… but today it is becoming an entertainment… with the entertainment industry ppl investing huge amount of money inside… The kattupudi vadhiyam of Priety zinta is ofcourse not working for yuvi’s troops!!

    I feel cricket should be treated jus as a sport… We need to have viewers who like and apprciate good cricket…the same applies to other sports as well…

    Time for commonwealth games… lets c n observe how many corporates r ready to plan their advertising budgets into this…!!

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