My 3D Models

I am putting here two snaps of my 3D models.  It really feels great to work on a 3D model-the more complex, the better.  It boosts your creativity and also helps you to think out of your mental box to new realms.  I have definitely grown addicted to this hobby and am eagerly waiting to get my next model. Why don’t they put this as an exercise in B schools?

I chanced upon my first model in Spencers Plaza, Chennai.  Something made me to lift the package up and consider buying it.  And the picture of a pyramid was interesting enough to add it to my collection.  Thus came the Mayan Pyramid.  They say that having a pyramid is a good sign.  Then definitely it has been good in my case.

The next one, the Empire State Building was spotted at Anveshena, Coimbatore.  I was looking for something complex and tall.  I rejected the ever favorite Taj Mahal(too obvious choice).  The Empire State model seemed to reflect power and authority.  Further it was a 2ft tall model.  So, voila!

I nearly cracked my brain in connecting the pieces(54 in all).  They are very simple, but have to be dealt with an absolute concentration and artististic mind.  And how proud I felt on finishing them! They now sit proudly on my desk.  Whenever I set my sight on them, I feel happy and positive.  Do try out one for yourselves and experience the pleasure of creation.


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