Music-to the ears and soul

Listening to music has it’s own advantages.  When you listen to quiet, soothing music, you are relaxed, happy, calm, focused. Your concentration is more sharp.  Your energy levels are at their high and you have a calm attitude.

Doctors have experimented with this aspect on new born babies.  The babies were made to listen to Mozart and Beethoven and the results were astonishing.  The babies who listened to music not only had the above said traits, but also their imagination was improved a lot.

Even plants are known to have given positive growth results when exposed to good, soothing music.

When babies and plants can develop so much, why can’t we? We also can use the art of listening to good music to excellent results.

I write this because I have experienced the effects of listening to music. In a way, it lifts your spirits and boosts up your self confidence. I have personally found myself getting calm and relaxed when I listen to my favorite records after a busy day.  I would listen to whatever I had, the only condition was that it has to be soft and melodious.

When my spirits are down, I listen to some of the MGR collections I always have with me.  And what happens you know? My spirits are boosted up.  A happy smile comes in my face.  A thousand tons of energy gets implanted in my veins.  There are many songs I can happily quote as an example of motivational boosters.

Unnai arindhaal nee

unnai arindhaal

ulagathil poraadalaam

uyardhaalum thaazhdhaalum

thalai vanangaamal nee vaazhalaam

maaberum sabaigalil nee nadandaal

unakku maalaigal vizha vendum

oru maatru kuraiyaadha mannavan ivan

endru potri pugazha vendum

from the MGR starrer Vettaikaran(Tamil). The lyrics mean this-if you know yourselves, you can fight in this world.  You can survive without losing your respect in any condition. You must be adorned with garlands when you enter great halls. People should admire you and treat you like a king.

Anbu manangale

nambi irungalaen

naalai namadhe

indha naalum namadhe

dharmam ulagile

irukkum varaiyile

naalai namadhe

indha naalum namadhe

From MGR’s Naalai Namadhe.  The synopsis is that the lines asks the viewer to believe in himself.  That belief will make him do anything.

namadhu vetriyai naalai sarithiram sollum

ippadai thorkkin eppadai vellum?

From MGR starrer Ulagam Sutrum Valiban.  The lines proclaim this-History will declare our victory tomorrow. If we lose, then who will win? The lines may have been written in a political context, but are very encouragive in nature.

yeh dosti hum nahi chodege-from the super hit Sholay.  The meaning is know to all.

These are some of my favorite songs which encourage me whenever I listen to them.  They support and boost me up in any situation.

Also good carnatic numbers will reduce stress and cool your temperature.  Listening to good instrumental music, especially Veena is a prescribed therapy for mentally stressed patients and normal people alike. If I am looking cheerful all day, that means I listen to music constantly. I also hum my fav numbers in my mind and aloud, and that helps kindle my imagination and helps me finish my day well and good.

So if you have not yet tried listening to good soothing music, start it now.


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