The Power of Thoughts

Watch your thoughts

for they become words;

Watch your words

for they become actions;

watch your actions

for they become habits;

watch your habits

for they become your character;

watch your character

for it becomes your destiny.

The above quote is an oft repeated one of a dear friend of mine from my school days. I was intrigued by that quote then, having not fully understood the meaning.  But now I know.

Consider this – you want to buy a book.  But do not get it when you go to the book store. But the desire of buying that book is some where in your mind,  in your subconscious self. After some time you forget about that book and when you go again to that bookstore for another purchase, bingo! The book you so coveted is lying before you, at an affordable price.  You lap it up happily.  This is a result of your thought process.  You deeply desire that book, and circumstances bring you to the place the book is sold, with an affordable price, so that you can buy it.

Take the above example as a simple one illustrating the power of your thoughts. If a book can be bought by just thinking about it, imagine what else you can achieve by your thinking power?

I have often witnessed this – a particular scene from any movie I have seen some day earlier would run through my mind like a tape recorder.  It would be like disjointed speech.  Any scene.  The very next day/week, the scene would be played in the television and I would be watching this.  Even as I am writing this, a particular comedy scene with Goundamani and Senthil which was running in my mental theater is running in the television. What will you call it?

That is why my mum would forbid me and my bro from watching TV during exams, citing this reason – whatever we see will register in our mind and come out in a future time and may be disturbing us. Such is the power of the mind to retain whatever it sees through the eyes.

Sample this – I am a fan of Robin Cook and years ago, bought a copy of Chromosome 6.  A family friend who shared my passion with books borrowed it and forgot about it.  The friend went abroad.  But I had a desire to get back that book, at least a new copy.  Imagine to my surprise years later  I was browsing in Higginbothams, Chennai and found the same book! I bought it, of course.  On narrating the incident to my mum, she said, “My boy, thought have powers.  Think about a thing deeply, and watch it happen before you.  I have often experimented with this power and found it 200% true.”

Indeed. There are lots of anecdotes I can put to prove it.  I have taken exams like ice creams using my visualizing skills and have found the same questions I visualized in my mind coming in the question paper. During my 10th science practicals, I utilized this technique and found it coming true scene by scene without a change.  Lots are there like this.

The point is that our mind is a powerful weapon.  We have the ability to harness it’s capabilities and utilize it’s resourcs to our best benefits. So, lets do it!


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  1. sushmitha

    Good one!

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