Have you been in solitude? Have you enjoyed solitude? Do you know what it does to you-your mind? I know. Because I have been, and I am in solitude.

Solitude makes you mature.  Solitude makes you think a lot.  About yourselves, your friends, your goal, your life-about everything. I have often been queried by one and all on how I manage(d) to be alone or remain without talking to any one.  The reply is-one can. And it is stimulating to be alone.  Be with oneself. That is how yogis are born. That is how Siddhartha became a Buddha. Silence is golden.

In my mansion days in Chennai, I had the wonderful opportunity to be alone. Be with myself. Lunatic it sounds? No.  Experience it and you will know how much of a boon it is to be alone.  The reason was simple-I wanted to study-myself and a lot of books.

Yes.  I had a room to myself. A quiet room with two beds, a bathroom.  That’s all.  What else did I require? Nothing.  A room to sleep.  A room to read.  A room to contemplate. I enjoyed it a lot.

I had never felt that I am alone or I had no one to talk to.  Never did I have such a thought in my head. I would go to my office in the day time, come back, do my chores including the daily washing of my clothes, take up a book and travel to wonderland-in spirit.  My body would remain in the room and my spirit traveled the world in my book.  Be it Sherlock Holmes, Sandilyan, Kalki, Ludlum, whatever.

I had wonderful opportunities to think a lot. To contemplate on what I was doing and what I am going to do.  Everyone should remain in solitude for at least six months in their lives. It changes you a lot.That is why Rajinikanth runs to the Himalayas. That is why yogis are yogis.

I am a lot more wiser now, thanks to solitude. In the weekends, I would take a stroll, as I was near the beach.  I would enjoy the fresh(?) air, take a long walk and go to my dinner in any mess that crosses my path. That was heaven indeed. That taught me wonderful and inspiring lessons which I am yet to enact in my life.  But believe me-nothing helps you out like solitude.

One of the lessons I learnt in solitude is to cut down on speech. When you talk, you lose your energy.  Talk more, your energy is cut down. Talk less, work more, observe more, you find a treasure trove within you.  So it is with me.  I have grown to love it so much that when I am alone and in contemplation, I forget that the world exists and seldom reply to any query fired at me. I also get irritated when some one interrupts me in that state. You will get the point when you are there.

In solitude I discover myself;

in solitude I strengthen myself;

in solitude I compose myself;

in solitude I contemplate;

in solitude I plan my steps;

in solitude I am one and everything at once.



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2 responses to “Solitude

  1. Great post! I can totally connect to it.

  2. sushmitha

    Very true ..Good one!

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