Australia-some questions

The recent attacks on Indians in Australia and the blame game that is now being played raises a few questions:

Are we getting the clear picture on what is happening there? Is there some sort of press censorship implemented?

We read of only Indians being attacked. No other person of another nationality seems to be targeted upon. What is the reason? Is it jealousy on the part of the locals? Or partiality towards Indians alone? Are Indians becoming the punching bag of unwanted elements?

Important people have voiced their concerns on the Indian community being attacked – from Foreign Secretary Nirupama Roy to the External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna. What steps are they (the Government) exactly taking to safeguard the interests of our students?

Instead of voicing our anguish, why can’t we go a step further and take a bold action like closing the Australian Embassy in India(temporarily until matters come to a good end), to make a strong point?

Is it related to racism as the reports claim? Or is it a sort of frame up?

Is it just monetary related? Doesn’t seem so. The recent racial abuse and attack  on an Indian taxi driver banishes the idea of a monetary based crime. Whatever makes them target and beat up an Indian? If the same thing is done here, what will be the reaction?

After what we are hearing, are the students/professionals learning and taking the right decision in selecting a good place to study/work?

Will this make our people to improve the educational standard?

Is the buck being passed? No accountability is being taken up, either here or there.

Is this situation only in Australia or is it happening in US, UK, Canada and any other country also?

Is this part of a bigger picture/iceberg we are missing?


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